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How does rent at Phi Chi compare to other places where medical students live?

Because Phi Chi is a non-profit, the rent rates are not determined by local market prices. Our mission is to deliver inexpensive, clean, and quiet housing to medical students. The other options nearby simply cannot match our value.

How does living at Phi Chi influence my school work?

People at Phi Chi tend to do very well in classes, on the boards, and on the wards. There are clear benefits to living across the hall and getting advice from upperclassmen. Students study together in the library nearly every night of the week.


How do I get to school?

Parking at the fraternity is free. Some students walk (< 1 mile), many bike, and others take the bus. Medical center buses are free, and run continuously between the VA hospital and the medical school. Walking from Phi Chi to the VA takes 2 minutes, and the ride typically takes 10 minutes. Alternatively, driving to school takes 5 minutes. Parking is free after 5pm and on weekends.


Does Phi Chi have an in-house cook?

No. Each apartment has a full kitchen.


Are the apartments furnished?

No. Apartments are unfurnished, and will be professionally cleaned before you move in.


Does Phi Chi allow pets?

Sorry, but no. Residents are not allowed to have pets of any kind.


Why is the internet access wired and not wireless?

Many students prefer streaming lecture videos to attending class in person. Wireless networks consistently do not accommodate multiple users engaging in high bandwidth activities. The issue is commonplace in many complexes that house medical students. Phi Chi is committed to creating an exceptional learning environment, and felt wired internet was a necessary investment.


Is wireless internet still available?

Wireless internet is provided in the clubhouse. Residents are able to set up a personal wireless network in their apartment by simply plugging a router into the wall jack.

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